Wednesday, July 14, 2010


To Ye folkens del alpha y omega

hi guys i miss you
the festival was perfect as usual
Id hate to brag
but we are beautiful

here s some letters I found in the scram when I woke up from folk fest

letter to jedi master:

jedi master,

This message may sound confused and I apologize for such. But truly I just spent a most magnificant weekend at the festival and my kundalini has never ever been so happy go-lucky proud.

Sorry to gush, but now and here I must pay to you the utmost of acknowledgements for the trandscendental training you bestowed upon me during my most transformative years. Alchemaically, yourself and your retinue of outstanding players (our freinds and training partners) were the scourging fire to my burgeoning, base metal. 


may the force be with you

Letter to Titania

The Pleasure is all mine milady. and yers
Cheers to the Lady of the Lake and all her retinue
Everything worked out

The pyramid has a permanant home overlooking lake winnipeg, Im scheming to build another wider level maybe out of something that can grow. Building underground levels, winterizing, solar panels, hay bales, ground water heating, wind turbines, bat cave, dilithium crystal, gigantic portrait of the queen, alignment with the four directions, Louis Riel is buried underneath and his ressurection is due in 2012.

Which reminds me, I feel we should collaborate on an assingment for 2012 to celebrate the prophecy of King Louis:

my people will sleep for one hundred years, and when they awaken, it will be the Artists who give them their spirit back.

Im sure you ve heard some of the mumbo jumbo surrounding the date december 21 2012 circulating and gestating around the interdimensional interweb and elsewhere. All Poppycok Im sure you will agree. But why not capitalize on this tidal wave of attention with an intergalactic equinox party of truly
chip and pepper magnitude right here in the centre of the world 

Multi day, art expo, fashion show, craft sale, rock concert, rave party, red river rebellion, ballet, darts etc.

It seems early to begin preperation but my  beloved, I say nay, the time is exactly right. 
first 2 objectives: Very soon we need to have the location nailed down and a superslick call for submissions-invitation sent out to the fairierealm ambbasadors and beyond.

What do you and all those sacred earthen and aetherial spirits think about this idea?

My name is Andrew but my freinds call me nij and the gods call me the Smoky Tiger

return this message to my good astral messenger kitty yukdugu s neck in reply

I wish you and yers nothing but the sincerest of respect.

Letter from God:

Congrats on the prize! I'm hoping everything worked out. let me know if it got out ot you or what needs to be done to make it happen. We can talk more about your ideas of what you'd like to do to colaborate. I'm happy someone who can apprrciate our work now has a peice of it.

I Found this message scrawled in glowstick ink in the bathroom

poem festival 2012:
for titania
walked to folk fest
solved the riddle of the pyramids
meditated on the sacred pope stone for 5 hours
saw every fire pixie dance
witnessed sun rise from popes hill 6 days straight
sobbed buckets at the words -rise again- during finale
lost my shit, then found it better than it was before
gave gumbi water
didnt cross the streams (until the marshmellow man came)
got my moccasins dirty
scared Andrew Neville with barret s privateers 
found the secret REAL shady grove
announced the True Leprechaun King s arrival on the hill (oberon)
dispelled 9 death knights w sonicheavenlyvibrations (softies on the inside)
almost got duped by 7 yr old boy to pay 25c rental fee for devil sticks
saw boba fett
8 year old boy swinging 50 feet up over a crowd of folks
stole the missing hieroglyphic bricks from the trading post (hoarders)
found the helm of awe (pink eared black bear with matching pink puffies)
lost the sacred box of the eye of ra (finders keepers losers weepers)
sung so pure that the whole camprground could here (even the quieters)
brad roberts has an enormous head (great job, yer always welcome buddy)
joined the leaugue of champions, and the owl society
rolled down popes hill 13 times 
obeyed the code
found a lance
discussed 2012 with Basil and a drunk guatamalan who wanted to fight me 
realized the actual nature of space and time (what they said was true)
all of history culminates RIGHT NOW
holy lord of clowns and jesters
warped to level 8
parked the scram in the tow away zone for 5 days straight
9 poutines
remained yer humble servant
was accompanied by only the best (you know who you are)

brought to you by

Holy Dinah Guys. I would expect to feel a headach after all this festing but actually I feel pretty good.
Off to bed. 

signing off



Friday, December 18, 2009


Yet in vain, a paynim foe

Armed with fate the mighty blow,

for when he fell the elfin queen

all in secret and unseen

over the fainting hero throw

her mantle of ambrosial blue

and bade her spirits bear him far,

In Merlin´s agte-axled car,

to her green Isle's enammeld steep,

far in the navel of the deep

from flowers that in arabvia grew

there he regins a mighty kingçthence to britain shall return

if right prophetic rolls I learn

Borne on victory's sceptre to resume,

his knightly table to restore

and brave the tournements of yore.


Melt like wax before the flame. Watcher. Judge not beofre you judge yourself. HUman beehieves. Behold the Lord cometh with 10 thousand of his saints. Unto the ends of the Earth. Come hither and hear my voice. Humble Heaven. Steadfast commandments. Follow through the hall of magic mists. As you wirl like a spinning top. I am the tiger. I am orion. Spitting out the demons good times goodtimes. My society wont build a seven forty seven or land on the moon but are either of these achievemtns efficient in terms of the resources poured into them and the results for the inhabitants of this planet. Anarchism is an assertion of human dignity and responsibilityt. It is not a programme for political change but an act of social self-determiniation. You can make sense fo this world only if you base the world on cosniousness. Consiousness is the ground of all being. And quantum physics makes this as clear as dalylight. As if from a deep sleep the angelic humans are awkakening. Remembering. All the world is mind. All the worl is mental. Bring me to the redeemer. Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts. Forgotten true nature. Iron fist in a velvet glove. Mist. Sometimes you can see everything at once. Personality of Godhead. The supreme Attractive. A dime in a five cent town.

Manito Bandits

Bandits of the spirit. this is our bandits's code. Free from the monotony and slavery of doing the same thing day in and day out ans is control of the whole job from start to finish. He is free to decide for himself how and when to set about it. He is responisible t5o himself and not to someone else. He is working not because he has to but because he wants to. He is doing his own things. He is his own man.Lunatic asylums. The Dj Prisons. Hospitals graveyards, radio stations. Factories that only use us to one millionth of our true capacity. Corporations who have enslaved us with their toys that we cannot fix when broken. Lord here me now. This is a gigantic prison or palce its hard to tell. Skyscraper. You can impose authority but you cant impose freedom. Stress anarchism as an ideal of personal liberation. Cease to change society except by example. Surveillance. I used to think our countreis were the richest in the world until I realized that riches mean learning and beauty, music and art. Community orginizations. Networks instead of pyramids. WHittle away power from the centre. Many people I know are lost. Threat to the power structure. Macro Micro. How soon before the Third World rises in Revolt. The worlds resources are finite. The wealthy economies are exploiting the unrenewable resources at a rate which the planet cannot contain. How soon? The developed economies are exploiting the resources of the third world as cheap raw materials. Rubert Murdoch great tribulation. The third world countries cannot hope to chieve the levels of consumption of the rich world. Level the factories and give them back to nature. Expel the bankers and the oligarchs. Downgrade the standard of living for the rich. Isnt the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isnt it our responsibility to bring that about? We need to restart the revolutionary movement. The extremely rich are different from us. Their values have been reveresed. Deleiver them for they have fallen. Artificial crises creation. Monolopy of the rockefllers and the Rothchilds. Cartels. The economic crises. Trillions of dollars. Wall street cronies are crooks. I am the Sovereign Smoky Tiger. International monetary fund. Ether. SInce the dawn of time Ancient cultures have understood that every living creature has a spirit. A life force which animates the physical body. Always in a trance enjoying the pleasure within. The spiritual domain which suyrrouns the planet. In recent times an evil group of people who communicate with demons have been destroying the very spirit of the planet Earth. This association of black Magicians is called the illuminati. The corporation.s They are engineering wars and ecological catastrophes causing millions of people to die in a state of terror. Sending shock waves through the ether. Peoples spirits cascade into the spirit world. They control the corporations. Disconnecting us rom the knowledge of our higher spiritual self. BUt you cannot take the heat from the fire.The spirit world exisits. And the fact that reality is shaped by our own consiousness is hidden from the public by control of the world's media. Seas are overfished. Forests are destroyed. Pagans, sahdus and sky watchers have all recognized for thousands of years. The Spi9rit of the Mother earth is central to our survival. Swine flu. The smoky tiger told me to tell you to get blotto tonight. Single handedly. Melt like wax before the flame.

Everything fror Everyone.

Lets go back to where we belong. The smoky tiger is not my leader. The smoky tiger is my megaphone. Sodom and Gomorah quicksand. The way in which the individual human being s are prvented from developing. There is a vision of the unfulfilled potentialities of every human being. Woodstock permanantly. Folkfest permanantly. Shambhala merpanantly, burning man permanantly. There is a Law for the Outlaw. There is a way for the Renegade. We no longer have the right to house ourselves. I am not talking about Ancient peoples as being inferior because i am not blinmded about my own society´s superiority which blinds me to the subtly and wonder of ancient hisotry. Though shalt not exploit another´s feelings. The great pyramid of egypt was built by an ethiopian pharoah named khufu and the pharoahs used tosmoke the black herb that grew in the valley of gojam in Ethiopia, the most powerful, the strain of which Soloman sowed inside the temple. Word Sound is Power. Doorway in the lake. Pyschologists have stated for many years that any religios impression is a phsychotic phenomenon as if it is something unhealthy. If someoner says I feel a desire to dedicate to the devine psychologists say I have a mystical disease. The Psychologist say we know better, there is nobody to be saved, only people to be treated by us. Follow your will with percerverqance and dedication. Songs of realization. In the course of each period humanity lets itself be drawn towards an ever-worsening corruption and materialism, until a great disaster destroys the civilization and God sends a new prophet to inaugerate an new period of history. Here´s the new plan, I will listen and understand. There is a spirit and it is real. Because it's real. Beauty sweetness and love are not by accident. Thery were divinely created for a higher purpose. The vedic scriptures describe in detail the transformation of anti-matter into matter. Cooperation and surrender to the common good is the real evolution. Evolution of consiousness. Religion and science united. Marijuana cures the suffering of the people. Love your neighbor. Children should be provided with the raw materials to build their own dwellings and make their own gardens and sculptures. No more brainwash education. Take away the money used for brainwasheducactio and give it to the kids so that they can play.


Enjoy. Undulate. From ashes to ahses dust to dust. You are the one who you can trust. As dangerous as a precious jewel on the head of a cobra. Real prophecy not to be forgotten. War chariots in the sky. Jah Rastafari. Chariots approching they are coming from afar. Jah Chariots approching. Our globe is part of stellar space, the waves of which are luminous or magnetic; propogates by the movements and ignitions of the heavenly bodies. Everything that lives on earth is bathed in this ocean of waves; the science that studies this ocean, the science that one day will manage to explain dverything by the state of momentary heaven is the science of self-realization. In the deserted Valley of Death where my personality was swallowed up I found the Jester´s Tomb. I tell you children there is more. More and more people moving out of corporate slavery and working for themselves respendant as the sun. In the Expanse of the Heaven which encircles the world, there are Figures, signs, by which we can know the secret things and the most profound mysteries. These signs are formed by the constellations, which are for the wise man a subject of contemplation and of delight. An Anarchist society, a society which organizes itself without authorityis always in existence, like a seed bveneath the snow, buried under the weight of state and its bureaucracy, capitlaism and it's waste, priverlage and its injustices, nationalism and its suicidal loyalties, religious differences and their superstitious seperatism. Our urge to co-operate is equal ith our urge to dominate. I can walk on water, Im an anarchist. Peter pan could fly, he was an anarchist. Robin hood had his ban dof merry men. Robin was an anarchist. Bakunin and Marx. Society without government like what Lennon said. Marx is an authoritarian and centralizing communist. He wants what we want, the complete triumph of econocmic and social equiality but he wants it through th State and through State power. We want the abolition of the State and of all that which passes by the name of the law. What law has the Outlaw? Permanant war economy. Civilian Deaths. Obama got the Nobel Prize. The Almighty Creator dancing through the elven orchards. She comes with the clouds. The one world Order. Slums. Rastafari Warrios. Unrestrained capitalism. Self-governance. Bring back the old thing. Self'governance by the people for the people. In the area of unrestrained capitalism competition between employers knowing no other weaopon than the explotation of their workers was transformed into a struggle of each employeragainst his own wormen, and ultimately of the entire employing class against their employees, So the State uses wa and the threat of war as a weapon against itos own popluation. War is the health of the State. War is the expression of the State in its most perfect hour. My task is not to gain power but to erode it. To drain it away from the State.


You are Eternal

Songs of Realization. Melchidadek

Master of transformation

Riddle Catalyst

Even though I walk through the shadow of death I fear no evil for you are with me. My faith is not a counterfeit. Ghost Buddy Come. Run children Run. Angelic Host. Let´s evangalize about the holy lord of clowns and jesters offering a special spectacle of mythic proporttions for you and all your freinds.When we become prideful in our positions is when we fall. Follow your will with percerverance. Clowns and Jesters of Lord Nrshimha the Lion headed. The passage of time is not absolute or univeral, but is instead relative to the place and motion of the observer. Tsunami is the mythc bird. As a reflection of your faith you should express yourself. Crop cirlces. Coors light freshie. Dancing in a fairy ring. Zero 20 Hero. The idieas I am putting forward are so much at variance with ordinary assumptions and the solutions I offer are so remote, there is a gap between what is and what according to me, might be, that my audience cannot take me seriously. Dmt Ayawaska. I am the taste of water. Kropotkin I will take you to the other shore where exists a mental technology devised for jumping bewteen worlds. There is a fixed mechanism at work in the dance. A mechanism that may indeed be supernatural, generating uncanny forces at the intersection of Worlds. Im drinking the sweat of the Smoky Tiger. The evolution of speices who are all doomed to die. Consiousness which is eternal. Atheist denies the beuaty and sweetness of love. Strategy. Leberation theology; a Socialist interpretation of Jesus. Highest bird is a hybrd.Great Warrior King. This is a war waged by the forces of civilization against those of barbarism. In the begginning the earth was seperated from the sky. Jeztr´s exile. The heavens from the firmannet, creating a world of perpetual impermanacne and the gateway god stepped through. Spirit of the mountaints. Harmony. Follow your own will with obediance and percerverance. It will guide you to the other shore. Devotion to jah wont allow you to fall. Allowing the music to instill in you higher knowledge of the planetary spheres. Harmonic destiny. King of Seers. Cosmic Preisthood. Multi dimensional beings. Horoscope salesmen. Demi Gods. A body of energy. The Astrologer Enoch is your navigator. Dreams have a tangible reality. Utopia lives. Dechiper the sotry behind the story. See the gravities and influences. Euhcharist of the stars and planets. Fatherless and motherless like Mechizadek. Shiva, Osiris, fate imprinted on my consiuousness like constellations. Alienzodiac from the energetic zone orchestrating the evolution of the soul. This body has been resynthezized since antiquity Hieroglyphic though forms. The heretical truth that we can spark our own divinity from within. Do not overlook the wisdom traditions of the devine mother. Manifest grace like thor the lightning God and wade through the river nile. This way brings showers of glory to you and your house. Venus wears the higher garment of ascension. Thinking in technicolor hearing the music of the spheres. Mars crown chakra the helmet of salvation with which you put on a new mind. You can be a communicator of the higher mind Stoneage rocket. Alpha and Omega. Piles of Rubble Mumies. Historically certain figures sometimes emerge from stagnant despairing or disentigrating cultures to reinterpret old symbols and beleifs and invest them with new meaning. An individual´s decision to play such a role may be purely unconsious but it can sometimes evolve into an acute awareness that he may indeed have the gift-burden of prochecy. This realization may be followed by the public declaration on the part of such a person that he is merely the instrument of a new source of knowledge a new direction and a new order.

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The system of worship suited to the spiritual needs of our forebears is unsuited to our altered intellectual condition. Therefore, the great spiritual entities in charge of evolution, change the religions of the world in harmony with the passage of the marching orbs in the heavens.

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going to sleep
in Toronto


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